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Guided DBT Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

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Guided DBT Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

These DBT mindfulness meditation exercises are from a page on AllAboutDepression.com. We're displaying it here for your convenience. We've found it helpful to start learning DBT Mindfulness and meditation skills with exercises like those below. Your goal should be to develop the ability to be mindful in your everyday life. These sort of meditation exercises will become less important as you develop this valuable skill. Toward the bottom of this page, is a heading entitled, "Mindfulness Meditations", which they've adapted from Dr. Linehan's groundbreaking DBT Skills Training manual.


+2 #1 Jacqueline L. 2010-05-01 20:27
:lol: Thank you so much...I have been searching for DBT help...& You have provided that for me.
Thank you again!! :-)

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