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DBT Therapy Training

What is DBT Therapy?

Dialectical Behavior or DBT Therapy is the most effective treatment for borderline personality disorder. DBT Therapy is the synthesis of traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness skills borrowed from Buddhist practice. Most of today's top drug rehab facilities use DBT and CBT for drug treatment as well. Dr. Marsha Linehan developed DBT therapy to help patients with borderline personality disorder. CBT alone was less than effective in helping these patients. Studies support the claims that DBT therapy is the most effective, if not the only effective borderline personality disorder treatment. Further studies show remarkable efficacy with borderline patients who are also addicted to drugs and alcohol. CBT has also been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of Cocaine addiction.

DBT Skills Training

We'll take you through Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and teach you DBT skills. DBT is generally taught in a skills group, coupled with one-on-one therapy either weekly or more frequently as part of an inpatient treatment program. We strongly recommend that you seek professional treatment with a qualified therapist rather than trying this on your own. Many people use this material in conjunction with DBT Treatment or as a refresher. This material is also useful to patients attending DBT as part of their Borderline Personality Disorder treatment.

1 DBT Recommended Reading 9477
2 DBT Treatment Overview 15754
3 DBT Treatment - Getting Started 13601
4 Section 1 - Interpersonal Communication Skills (EJECT model) 12437
5 Section 2 - Core Mindfulness Skills 28124
6 Video - Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn 9115
7 Section 3 - Mindfulness Observe, Describe and Participate 16907
8 Section 4 - Mindfulness 'How' Skills 15202
9 DBT Mindfulness Worksheet 30176
10 Guided DBT Mindfulness Meditation Exercises 27494
11 One Mindfully: a poem 12321
12 Section 5 - Distress Tolerance Overview 10747
13 Section 6 - Crisis Survival Strategies DBT Addiction Treatment 9521
14 DBT Crisis Survival Worksheet 24387
15 Section 7 - ACCEPTS Treating Panic, Anxiety and Depression 9955
16 Section 8 - Self-Soothing with Five Senses 18012
17 Section 9 - Improve the Moment 10422
18 Section 10 - Pros & Cons 11527
19 Section 11 - DBT Radical Acceptance 13593
20 Section 12 - DBT Emotion Regulation 13613
21 Section 13 - Describing and Managing Your Feelings and Emotions 19259
22 Section 14 - PLEASE MASTER 11133
23 Section 15 - Increasing Positive Experiences 6354
24 Section 16 - Letting Go of Painful Emotions 28327

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